Summer and the Flowers

Today I went to the farmer’s market down the street from where I live and happily found what I was looking for: some beautiful, and cheap, bundles of flowers. Perfectly bright and blooming from this summer time weather and season. I have recently become entranced by flowers and their obvious beauty.. it’s unclear how or why it has suddenly happened, but I’m glad it has. Although fall and winter are my favorite seasons, I can’t help but acknowledge the greatness that summer holds: warm weather, beautiful views, and long sunny days. These flowers feel like summer to me and they perfectly fit the bill for my current obsession… not to mention the smell of my apartment has greatly improved since they arrived this morning.








I didn’t use a filter for any of the images. I just slightly enhanced the brightness and contrast to add more dimension. The flowers themselves didn’t need much “work” which I enjoyed… I liked not even thinking of adding a filter to these images. (Can you tell I’m obsessed with them?) I also, as seen, photographed some glass bottles that became my vases which are engraved with the words “orange juice” and “milk”. A bit of rustic, niche-y charm that bring a certain something to the overall look of the bundled beauties. They aren’t complex images, but I enjoyed the subject matter and the colors they hold. Enjoy the sunshine and beauty that summer brings, it only happens once a year!


Underwater Photos

A friend and I recently took underwater photos with some of those disposable cameras from the store. The process of getting them developed was a hassle, but I finally got the prints and I am kind of in love. They have this eerie, creepy feeling about them that is emphasized by the lack of light and focus.







We didn’t have a set idea, but wanted to play with the light and the angles/poses. This is one thing I really like about these images; they are “free” in a sense because being in water gives you the opportunity to do anything. I also really enjoy how they look morbid – that may sound strange but they have this creepiness and darkness about them that make them feel mysterious and deathly.

There’s also this sense of life to them because you can see the bubbles coming from their noses – they’re breathing. It’s this juxtaposition of life and death, light and darkness, that add to the intensity these images portray. I’ve never taken or been a part of images like these, images that have a weirdness and eeriness to them. But, I think I need to add them to my repertoire for future shoots because I’m in love.








Lately I haven’t been using my Nikon as much because I’ve come to realize that using my iPhone is just as good. One thing I like about using my phone as my camera is the convenience. Usually, I have to transfer images from my memory card to my computer, email them to myself, edit on my phone, and email them back. (I’m sure there are easier ways, but I haven’t found them.) However, when I use my iPhone all I have to do is take the image, upload it into the app and save the new image onto my phone when I’m done editing. Simple! It makes the whole process much easier and shorter.

Also, editing is faster. Because I do all of my editing on my phone, using VSCOcam, Photoshop, and Snapseed, I can just quickly edit the image and be done with it. The apps I mentioned allow for perfect editing so my job is fairly simple.

I know a lot of people are against using phones to take professional images, but I don’t think their viewpoint is entirely correct. iPhonography isn’t about taking the exact image a Nikon or Canon can take, it’s a whole new realm. iPhonography is about convenience which is perfect for someone like me who wants good looking images without having to lug around all of my equipment; all I need is my iPhone 5. (Which, by the way, has a impeccable camera on it.) It isn’t exactly made for the professional photographer, but for the everyday picture taker. However, being a professional and using the simplistic and well made camera isn’t bad – it actually helps because you get to use something so simple to take something beautiful. Using one device to capture an identical image is basically magic and music to my ears.









Above are just a handful of the many images I took over the past few weeks using my iPhone.


I have lived in the Northwest for about a second, compared to the people who have lived here their whole lives. I moved here because my husband got stationed at an army post about an hour from Seattle. I’ve visited there a few times, but this time was different. I was with my fellow road tripper, who wanted to just hang and see the city; no rush to see tourist attractions, just explore. I got to see some things I haven’t before and LOVED it.





I got to explore the Seattle Art Museum, aka SAM, which just happen to be my favorite places. I love exploring the different exhibits and talents that they house.



We also made a pitstop at the Gum Wall, which is exactly what it sounds like. I stuck my own peach flavored gum on a drainage pipe.





We then walked around on the board walk, where I got to taste some delicious coconut ice cream. Also pictured, the view, and a sandwich, #8 Santa Barbara from Sister’s European Snacks.

These stops made me appreciate the differentness of the city.

For now, the great Northwest is home – and I’m quite alright with that.

Study of Edits

I’ve done a few of these in the past on my other blog and decided it was about time to post one on here, it being my official, fancy, photo blog and all. I am currently on a ten day adventure with one of my friends and my two dogs, traveling from my current home in Seattle to San Francisco. In Benicia, where we’re staying, is a tea cafe that serves endless varieties of tea… now this isn’t some off the street tea, you get in a to-go cup. No, it’s a fancy, get-your-own-kettle type of place. It was amazing. (I had some raspberry tea, in case you were wondering.)

Anyways, for the edits, I chose to do a black & white and color version. I always do this because I can never truly decide which I like better… which leads me to end up keeping both and weeks later, wondering why I have so many different versions of the same image. I digress. The edits are softly lit with no vibrancy… I wanted to focus on the object itself, and use the filters to play off the object and bring more life to it. The black and white edit allows you to see the contrast of the image, and truly focus your attention on the object itself, which so happens to be a tea strainer. The color version just plays up the stainless steel of the object by grasping the minimal light there was in the room. I also framed the image so that the strainer lies in the center of the image, giving you more reason to stare at it.




It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Recently though, I’ve done a few small shoots with food. I made some green tea French macarons with matcha butter cream. The color of them was impeccable! The taste wasn’t as green tea-y as I would have hoped, but probably the best macarons I’ve ever made.”>20140606-184606-67566826.jpg


I didn’t photograph the process, but now looking back, really as I’m writing this, I realized I probably should have… Oh well, just a bit of rearranging will have to do.

I used my usual apps to edit them, but I have discovered that Photoshop has their own app… what? How in the world did I not know this… I guess I’m more out-of-the-know than I thought. So anyways, I used this to help with the editing, to make the macarons look super indulgent!




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